Twisted Romance #2 (of 4) (MR)

Writer: Campi, Alex De
Artist: Gutierrez, Alajandra
Cover Artist: Gutierrez, Alajandra
Publisher: Image
Price: $3.99
FOUR-ISSUE WEEKLY MINISERIES EVENT! Critically acclaimed writer ALEX de CAMPI teams up with some of comics' hottest artists to create tales of love gone wrong, right, and everywhere in between. ISSUE TWO: 'TWINKLE & THE STAR' Beauty is business as usual for fashion photographer's assistant Twinkle Johar until she meets and accidentally falls for a shy Hollywood actor during a shoot. Is he using her? Or can a girl like her really end up with a guy like him? Drawn by ALEJANDRA GUTI
Feb 2018


Best 50 Avengers Comics of all time.

by Rick Manzella

October 28th, 2013

Found This list Made by Brian Cronin in the  csbg arcive listing the best avengers stories .

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