Popeye Classics #61

Writer: Sagendorf, Bud
Artist: Sagendorf, Bud
Cover Artist: Sagendorf, Bud
Publisher: IDW
Price: $4.99
Hot Dorg! This issue hilariously introduces Popeye's two-fisted Granny, Miss Butterfly Poopdeck via a thrill-packed tale where she takes over King Bozo's land of Spinachovia. Plus, ya swabs, read a special Wimpy comic, a tale called 'Chained Lightning,' a comic called 'Cow Thief' with 'desert demings,' which Popeye calls 'The worst kind of peoples there is!' AND a laugh-packed Prof. O. G. Wotasnozzle comic! There's no comic more entertaining than this!
Jan 2018


Best 50 Avengers Comics of all time.

by Rick Manzella

October 28th, 2013

Found This list Made by Brian Cronin in the  csbg arcive listing the best avengers stories .

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