Spongebob Comics Vol. 3: Tales From Haunted Pineapple TP

Writer: Hillenburg, Stephen
Artist: Drymon, Derek
Cover Artist: Jason Shiga
Publisher: Comics
Price: $10.99
SpongeBob Comics: Tales from the Haunted Pineapple is the third collection of previously published material specially curated by SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg. Tales from the Haunted Pineapple includes more than 15 short, self-contained stories by some of the biggest comics creators in the industry. These original stories feature all the fan favorites - from Patrick and Squidward to Sandy and Mr. Krabs - in original adventures you won't see on television. Best of all, this book includes stories with spooky themes just in time for Halloween.
Mar 2018


Best 50 Avengers Comics of all time.

by Rick Manzella

October 28th, 2013

Found This list Made by Brian Cronin in the  csbg arcive listing the best avengers stories .

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