Doctor Who Comp Hist Vol. 52: 4th Doctor Stories HC

Publisher: Comics
Price: $18.99
The definitive history of BBC's long-running series Doctor Who continues with this volume on the second Doctor focusing on three stories spanning seasons fifteen and sixteen: 'Underworld,' 'The Invasion of Time' (Leela's departure story), and 'The Ribos Operation' (the introduction of Romana and the beginning of the 'Key to Time' story arc). Illustrated throughout with photographs from the archives and in full-color, this hardcover volume features story summaries, character and actor profiles, pre- and post-production notes, broadcast reaction, and much more.
Mar 2018


Best 50 Avengers Comics of all time.

by Rick Manzella

October 28th, 2013

Found This list Made by Brian Cronin in the  csbg arcive listing the best avengers stories .

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