DC Super Hero Girls Big Splash Yr Pictureback

Writer: Fontana, Shea
Artist: Doescher, Eric
Cover Artist: Doescher, Eric
Publisher: Comics
Price: $5.99
The DC Super Hero Girls have to save the sea from the sharp-toothed villain King Shark in this action-packed book! Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bumblebee, and Katana face the King Shark in a battle for the high seas. Can Katana overcome her fear of deep water to save the day? Find out in this action-packed book that also features over 30 stickers and trading cards of your favorite DC Super Hero Girls.
Jan 2018


Best 50 Avengers Comics of all time.

by Rick Manzella

October 28th, 2013

Found This list Made by Brian Cronin in the  csbg arcive listing the best avengers stories .

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